Friday, August 17, 2012

various shorts, $20 OBO

I try out different technical board shorts, since I'm a full-time trainer and need my clothes to be able to stretch. CrossFit started the whole wear-boardshorts-while-you-workout dealio. That means you'll have one pair for working out and beach/pool/hot tub time.

Ever hear of Banya 5?


Quicksilver boardshorts (light blue), size 30, $20 OBO

Diamond Dobby, 4-way stretch. Good for beach, surf, skate, and workouts.


Billabong Platinum Quad Stretch (red), size 30, $20 OBO

Billabong's answer to 4-way stretch. Good for beach, surf, skate, and workouts.


SOLD Billabong Platinum Stretch Hydrostretch Hybrid Shorts (khaki), size 30, $20 OBO

Four pockets. Synthetic stretch material.


O'Neill Boardshorts (black/white), size 30, $20 OBO


Billbong Walkshorts (khaki pinstripe), size 29, $20 OBO

Legs run long. Four pockets. No stretch.


O'Neill Walkshort (grey/black/aqua), size 30, $20 OBO

No stretch.

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