Friday, August 17, 2012

OXO Travel Mug, $5

OXO Good Grips 360-degree LiquiSeal Travel Mug

Push once to allow beverage from any direction. Push again to close. Screw off top. Holds 16oz hot or cold.

various shorts, $20 OBO

I try out different technical board shorts, since I'm a full-time trainer and need my clothes to be able to stretch. CrossFit started the whole wear-boardshorts-while-you-workout dealio. That means you'll have one pair for working out and beach/pool/hot tub time.

Ever hear of Banya 5?


Quicksilver boardshorts (light blue), size 30, $20 OBO

Diamond Dobby, 4-way stretch. Good for beach, surf, skate, and workouts.


Billabong Platinum Quad Stretch (red), size 30, $20 OBO

Billabong's answer to 4-way stretch. Good for beach, surf, skate, and workouts.


SOLD Billabong Platinum Stretch Hydrostretch Hybrid Shorts (khaki), size 30, $20 OBO

Four pockets. Synthetic stretch material.


O'Neill Boardshorts (black/white), size 30, $20 OBO


Billbong Walkshorts (khaki pinstripe), size 29, $20 OBO

Legs run long. Four pockets. No stretch.


O'Neill Walkshort (grey/black/aqua), size 30, $20 OBO

No stretch.

Street Savage Remote Control Stunt Car, $20

Street Savage Remote Control Stunt Car (blue), $20

and I quote:

  • Take RC racing to the next level with the Street Savage Stunt Car
  • Toy car performs spins, jumps, wheelies, and other extreme stunts
  • Stunt car is constructed with dual spring-loaded shocks and knobby tires for all-terrain driving...more

Rock Band 2: Special Edition, $100

Rock Band 2: Special Edition (PS3), $100

Used, but taken care of. No parts broken, ever. Comes complete with PS3 game, wireless drum set, wireless guitar (modeled after a Fender Stratocaster), and (wired) microphone. Awesome for parties, even more awesome for the aspiring musician or music fan. I think I left the batteries in the peripherals.

Will throw in a pair of used Vic Firth drumsticks for another $10.

Lululemon "The Bandana", $10

Lululemon "The Bandana" (black), $10

Unworn. Great for workouts. Made of Circle Mesh.

Vans Classic Slip-On, $15 OBO

Vans Classic Slip-On (pewter/adriatic blue/checkerboard), size 9 men/10.5 women, $15 OBO

Used mostly for long boarding.

SOLD - OGIO Hip Hop Messenger Bag

OGIO Hip Hop Messenger Bag, brown. $40 OBO

Unused. Lots of technical use. Great for laptops and traveling.

SOLD - Penny Skateboard

Penny Skateboard, Green/White 22" complete, $100

Comes stock with ABEC7 bearings. Can install Bones Reds bearings (best bang for your buck) for $15 more.

This one was a bit too short for me. I usually ride a 52" Fluid Skateboard.

Small blemish from throwing it into the truck of a car.

CrossFit beanie, $15

CrossFit Beanie (maroon), $15

Unused. Purchased from's online store before they partnered with Reebok for apparel.



Thursday, August 16, 2012

SOLD Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0

Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0 (Morning Blue/White/Cherry Red/Black), Size 9 men/11women, $105 OBO

Unworn, and didn't bother sending it back.