Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SOLD: IKEA Bjursta Bar/Dining Table (brown-black)

IKEA Bjursta Bar/Dining Table (black-brown) $125

Koto tank top, small, $20

Koto tank top, small, $20

Worn once. Should've went with a Medium.

Lululemon Seawall Pant, small, $50 OBO

Lululemon Seawall Pant, soot, small, $50 OBO

Waist was kind of funky to put around my large thighs, but that's what happens with CrossFit bodies. Can cinch both of the legs.

This pant foreshadowed the current Presta pant, which I own 4 of!

Vans khaki workpants, $20

Vans khaki workpant, size 30, $20

Slim fit.

iWatchz iPod nano watch system, $20

White iwatchz iPod nano (6th Gen) clip/watch system, $20


various BluRay/DVD

Watchmen: Director's Cut (DVD) with special edition Rorschach case, $10


Heroes season 1 (DVD), $10


Pan's Labyrinth (DVD) $3


Spaceballs (BluRay/DVD combo), $5


Hellboy II: The Golden Army (BluRay), $10


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (BluRay), $10

holographic cover


Iron Man 2 (BluRay) $10

Friday, August 17, 2012

OXO Travel Mug, $5

OXO Good Grips 360-degree LiquiSeal Travel Mug

Push once to allow beverage from any direction. Push again to close. Screw off top. Holds 16oz hot or cold.

various shorts, $20 OBO

I try out different technical board shorts, since I'm a full-time trainer and need my clothes to be able to stretch. CrossFit started the whole wear-boardshorts-while-you-workout dealio. That means you'll have one pair for working out and beach/pool/hot tub time.

Ever hear of Banya 5?


Quicksilver boardshorts (light blue), size 30, $20 OBO

Diamond Dobby, 4-way stretch. Good for beach, surf, skate, and workouts.


Billabong Platinum Quad Stretch (red), size 30, $20 OBO

Billabong's answer to 4-way stretch. Good for beach, surf, skate, and workouts.


SOLD Billabong Platinum Stretch Hydrostretch Hybrid Shorts (khaki), size 30, $20 OBO

Four pockets. Synthetic stretch material.


O'Neill Boardshorts (black/white), size 30, $20 OBO


Billbong Walkshorts (khaki pinstripe), size 29, $20 OBO

Legs run long. Four pockets. No stretch.


O'Neill Walkshort (grey/black/aqua), size 30, $20 OBO

No stretch.